Writer, Game Developer, Graphic Designer

I’m a science-fiction and fantasy enthusiast since childhood – ever since I read A. Bester’s “The Stars My Destination” as a kid. Ever since then I devoured tomes of fact and fiction alike, dreaming of becoming a writer myself one of those days, in the distant future.
I came in contact with tabletop role-playing games somewhere around ’97 and remain a dedicated player and game master since then, with experience in a multitude of game systems and genres.
I have a wide range of interests, from linguistics, history, physics, and biology, all the way to myths, paranormal tales, occult, and conspiracy theories – insatiable curiosity often leads me to weird places.
Finally, after decades of persistence, I’m at a place in my life where I can do exactly that – write and work on books and TTRPG games.
I’m currently working on several RPG projects, including my own author endeavours, and I’m available for hire and collaborations.


With over fifteen years of experience in writing and ghostwriting for books, journals, and games, I’m here to write some more.

Project Aphelion

An upcoming tabletop role-playing game set in the Solar System in not that far future. Currently under development!

Areas of Expertise

From hard sci-fi to Ancient Akkadians, to alchemy, to mastering the Shadowrun lore, I enjoy spending time on obscure topics.


Witty and imaginative, Jakub is a writer capable of creating well researched, original fiction. Whether it’s a commission or his own story, he puts all his skills to work and never missed the deadline.

Anna, Double Proficiency

Jakub has a descriptive and vivid style of writing that translates into gripping stories with interesting and believable characters and settings. He also pays a good amount of attention to technical details and clever intricacies, and keeps even the sci-fi elements true-to-life and plausible, while still managing to keep them from distracting focus from the actual storytelling. A good read for true sci-fi fans and more casual readers alike.

Ville Vuorihuhta, Beta Reader

Jakub Wisz has taken on one of the most ambitious projects out there for a writer: To define an entire Future History, build a role-playing game system to use that setting, and at the same time write novels set in that Future. Doing all that takes drive, but if you asked me to pick someone up to the taskā€¦ I’d pick Jakub.

L. Douglas Garrett, Writer, Game Developer


I’m Jakub, freelance writer and graphic designer. I used to be a medieval swordsman, now I write sci-fi and TTRPGs – for hire, collabs and for myself as well.

Get in Touch

Need a writer, or a layout? Want to do a collaboration on some RPG project? Let me know!

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