I’ve been working as a ghost writer and sometimes a journalist sporadically over the years, now in addition to the freelance work I have my own projects in intensive development

Project Aphelion

Project Aphelion is a mix of traditional roleplaying game, a 4X boardgame, and a tactical strategy designed to make the best use of modern gaming traditions and deliver a deep, intricate ruleset that works with the players, not against them. PA aims to re-design tabletop roleplaying games from the ground up, making full use of the genre potential and providing every possible tool to the players and gamemasters in order to help them create long, multi-layered campaigns as well as quick one-shot stories.

PA lets the player group take control of a small, independent spaceship crew, and build it up into traders, mercenaries, Rangers, freebooters or explorers, or even form their own fleets and corporations, controlling the actions of dozens of crews as they build their reputation and wealth among the stars. The game supports multidimensional play from character point of view, through space action all the way up to mass scale fleet action and political intrigue. The rules do away with the archaic traditional design and replace it with an easy to learn, deep ruleset lending itself to build games on any level of complexity without getting in the way of roleplaying and effortless, intuitive gameplay.

Learn more about Project Aphelion at its website: projectaphelion.com

Stars in our Sails

The crew of the “Dauntless”, a band of freelance traders and mercenaries, decides to make some quick cash and finds themselves in trouble above their pay grade. With some dodgy cargo on the spaceship and their destination in the farthest reaches of the Solar System, they have little to no doubt this is not going to be a straight-forward job…

“Read his first novella, Stars In Our Sails, and see for yourself. He has captured the moment in his cyber’d-out, almost transhuman, future… and yet the character stories he tells are timelessly human.
And, when the role playing rules come out, I’m sure that you will delight in telling your own stories in his glorious, adventurous, interplanetary setting!”

L. Douglas Garrett, co-author of Danger International and Border Crossing (HERO Games). long time freelance writer for companies and gaming contractors, including HERO, West End, Crunchy Frog. R. Talsorian Games and FASA.

“Stars in our Sails” follows the story of the spaceship “Dauntless” and her crew. It’s a space thriller, full of intelligent plot twists, relatable characters, and the evocative descriptions that will make the reader dream about the space exploration – even if the main characters just want to survive and get paid. The world feels fleshed-out, living and breathing, well constructed and logical.
It’s a self-contained plot with well written character arcs, thought-out intrigue, and convincing, compelling narrative. This book is an interesting and well written stand-alone novella that’s clearly an introduction into a bigger story – it’s a good thing that it works well in both roles. I look forward to read more stories from this universe. ”

Anat, amazon reviewer


Upcoming full-size novel set in the same universe as “Project Aphelion” and “Stars In Our Sails”, the “Incitatus” expands on the world and brings it further to life.
“Incitatus” will take the reader in a dangerous journey through the treacherous corporate intrigue spanning the Solar System and lead them into the seedy underbelly of organized crime and piracy.

Learn more about Incitatus at Project Aphelion website: https://projectaphelion.com/fiction/incitatus/

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