L. Douglas. Garrett’s review of “Stars in Our Sails”

“Fair disclosure: I’m reviewing it from a pre-publication version, and am credited by the author. We are long time colleagues and friends.

Stars in our Sails is a rollicking take on the “small” Space Opera, the characters in a group adventuring for through a series of small events and encounters that, when take as a whole, are part of some massive story. If that sounds to you like it would be great for a Role Playing Game scenario, you’re right! In fact, SioS is a concept novella for a campaign setting Jakub Piotr Janicki intends to pair with game rules he is writing.

His author page is here on Facebook: Jakub Wisz

High points:

The characters are all a colourful bunch in this book. Stylized in some cases, but all appropriate to the setting. A ship crew full of daring Adventurers, some scheming Corporates, and about a regiment of the toughest Space Mercenaries around.

The technology, especially for the spaceships, is unusual and yet internally consistent throughout the novella. He explains how it works, and sticks to that faithfully. There are no “starships”; the entire telling is set inside a widely colonized Solar System.

The locations are beautifully described and plausible. There are places to go, dangers to discover, and some of the differences are key to the story. Zero Gee combat has never been so much fun.

If I were putting this review up on the Amazon Sales page for the novella, I’d give it a solid 4 or a 5 on their 5 scale. I’m an early reviewer, I liked the book a lot, and I know how it went together. I can see a 5.

Space out with Stars in Our Sails by Anssi L

All you wannabe astronauts, cosmonauts, taikonauts and such, this is for you! Before making any decisive career moves, you might want to consider reading this book. The author spent hundreds of hours doing research. And it shows! I have never read more detailed information on physical and mental changes people suffer when exposed to long-distance space-travel.

The story itself would easily be among the best I have ever read. 30 Years ago! Now it has too many loose ends to my liking. I confronted the author about this matter and he calmly told me that he left some things unclear on purpose. Partly because he didn’t want the book become too extensive.

I have a piece of advice for you, bruv. Tell the whole story, or there is no story!

It is still worth reading. And I am glad that I did. Because in describing the sceneries of our wondrous solar system, as well as yet experimental inventions in their future fruitfulness is where this novella really begins to shine. The science is simply state-of-the-art. To the point where one must actually know a thing or two about this topic to really appreciate the book.

Keep on writing, Bruv!

Anssi also wrote a fanfic Epilogue for “Stars”

“Stars in Our Sails” review by Anat

“Stars in our Sails” follows the story of the spaceship “Dauntless” and her crew. It’s a space thriller, full of intelligent plot twists, relatable characters, and the evocative descriptions that will make the reader dream about the space exploration – even if the main characters just want to survive and get paid. The world feels fleshed-out, living and breathing, well constructed and logical.

It’s a self-contained plot with well written character arcs, thought-out intrigue, and convincing, compelling narrative. This book is an interesting and well written stand-alone novella that’s clearly an introduction into a bigger story – it’s a good thing that it works well in both roles. I look forward to read more stories from this universe.

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