Jakub Wisz has taken on one of the most ambitious projects out there for a writer: To define an entire Future History, build a role-playing game system to use that setting, and at the same time write novels set in that Future. Doing all that takes drive, but if you asked me to pick someone up to the task… I’d pick Jakub.

Read his first novella, Stars In Our Sails, and see for yourself. He has captured the moment in his cyber’d-out, almost transhuman, future… and yet the character stories he tells are timelessly human.

And, when the role playing rules come out, I’m sure that you will delight in telling your own stories in his glorious, adventurous, interplanetary setting!”

L. Douglas Garrett, Writer, Game Developer

Jakub has a descriptive and vivid style of writing that translates into gripping stories with interesting and believable characters and settings. He also pays a good amount of attention to technical details and clever intricacies, and keeps even the sci-fi elements true-to-life and plausible, while still managing to keep them from distracting focus from the actual storytelling. A good read for true sci-fi fans and more casual readers alike.

Ville Vuorihuhta, Beta Reader

Witty and imaginative, Jakub is a writer capable of creating well researched, original fiction. Whether it’s a commission or his own story, he puts all his skills to work and never missed the deadline.

I had the pleasure of working with Jakub on several projects, and every time he managed to surprise me with unique ideas and great execution. He has a great range of style, a deep interest in a variety of topics (even obscure ones), and the ease of writing that allows him to complete projects on time and with incredible results.

I look forward to working with Jakub on future projects.

Anna Urbanek, Writer, Editor, and Graphic Designer

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